Write a story or a script in a literary format containing the basic elements of a narrative. Publish the story in the web and the same shall materialize as written. Choose a time line. Time line can be reality meaning the story you write will affect the beings existing and events happening in our reality. But this is the most difficult story to built as it takes a very creative writer equipped with very powerful writing tools to be able to modify reality. The following are the requisites in choosing reality as time line or making a script or a story intended to transpire and therefore effect reality: 1. exposition of the story must be reality based where events and characters of the story all existing in real lie; 2. you must have a rationale for your events meaning the arguments and reasoning you will use in the story that is basis for the events to occur and transpire must be logically powerful attuned with the principles of reality and with the prevailing truths and generally accepted facts that make up the real life; and, 3. your characters must have proper characterization where their actuations attuned with their nature and character. In summary, to choose reality as timeline, the template of the story can never be one that is fiction but must be based on real-life. Most demanding of creative skill, this is the ultimate exercise of this power; to affect reality by mere strokes of the keyboard. But there are other time lines other than reality. It is up for the writer to create this time line and a certain template has to be utilized because no timeline can exist without some kind of an expository past or history of that time. These kinds of timeline may be fiction, meaning the story will occur without a real time and space platform to which the story shall run. It is usually a brief moment in the chronological time line of reality but without having past or future references. The characters are necessarily fiction too. The final test lies whether the occurrence of the story, the characters included, can be traced in any relevance with reality other than the moment it was taking place. If the story transpired in that identified timeline and no connection can be traced with reality as to its occurrence, then it is a fiction timeline. Time line can also be real.Creation of a new time line other than reality where created time can be traced and connected with reality as a parallel time line is a timeline in a different reality. Here, the plot, the characters specially can be real or modifications of the real life characters of reality.

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